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Office is in Columbus, Georgia just south of Atlanta. 

address: 2206 Camille Drive. Suite C. Columbus, GA 31906


phone: 706.577.0716



I am located in Columbus, GA just south of Atlanta and I rock wedding photography. I began my career in wedding photography and over the years I have been trying to perfect the craft, and my craft is weddings and I will rock yours! 

We do however, live in a world where anyone is a bestbuy purchase and a facebook page away from being a 'professional photographer.' What's weird is that weddings are usually the breeding ground for amateurs but that's okay because weddings are freakin hard and only the 'good' survive. Well, I survived and thrived. Weddings are hard because you can't control the time you get to shoot in relation to the weather or location of the sun. Almost everyone is a stranger and hundreds of people are moving around on their own agenda. Timelines are crunched. People can be stressed and looking at you to tell them what to do. Sounds intense, huh? Why would any photographer want that much pressure on them?

Well, what's cool about this is that I get to 'touch' almost all aspects of the day. I get to calm the anxious bride and create gorgeous bridal portraits. I get to 'cut up' with the nervous groom and get some cool, clean shots. I get laughs out of families and generate some cherished photos. Then I get excited and get to hone in on what we believe is the most important part... the bride and groom photos. I goof off and joke around to distract the bride and groom from the obvious fact that they are being photographed and then we are able to create some stunning shots customized for the two of them.

With this approach and my never ending desire to 'play' with light has taken me to where we are today. I've developed further each wedding since I began and think that it's pretty exciting that the next wedding will be my best.