I specialize in wedding photography and engagement photography! I believe that I capture your wedding day in a way that cannot be found in Columbus, Georgia. As photography is much more than a nice camera. It's more about chasing light to direct the outcome of your photos and if light isn't available - then I create my own. I use this found or produced light and mold it into an image that's more appealing. Then I like to turn this good photo into a great one! This is done by creating an expression. The expression is what sells the photo. The expression is what makes it into a great photo.

My goal is to bring my craft to your wedding day and create beautiful photos.

After doing wedding photography for the last 10 years I believe I have truly created my own style. Which consist of true colors, real poses, and timeless images. I do not believe in following instagram trends. I refuse to desaturate greens or make skin tones orange to follow any given fad. I believe wedding images should stand the test of time and you should not be able to look at an image 30 years from now and know that it was taken at a certain time due to the editing process.